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Monday, December 9, 2019

December 09, 2019

4Best Free Classified Ad Website

IF You  Want to Get more Traffic on your Blog and you have not to enough money for spend then here are many more ways like Classifieds Ads Site there you can put your Any type Ads Free and Get more Visitors but there has also a problem like Register and Singup and All that

There are Best 4 Classified Ad Site  and They Real Work very well .

1.Click .in
 the click .in is very good and awesome classified ad site its all over free and its work and permote your content in india this also set your text with hyperlink.

This is Also a very good and more impresship classified ad site. This site you do not create any account and its also free simple user interface and forms to submit its Free Then you submit you ads its give you a Ad id remember its help you to find and modify you ad for future.Go this site Just click on Post Ad.


Its also some as Innetads Just Click on Put An Ad

4.The Ad Forum

Its also a very good ad sites but for putting the ad on this  site you want to create an account and Register First

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Friday, December 6, 2019

December 06, 2019

how to get traffic on your website?

*How to Get Free Traffic on your Site and How to Rank an Post Free*]

You want to rank your website /blog in google and you also want to traffic of your website but you dosen't know how to do it and you have no money for it that ways So,here we are bring a Website in online its name in

This is a Free Classified ads Website her you can put and forum type aur articale type ads FRee and  you know what is surprising in this classified ad  site to Putting ads in this site you do not Signup/Login or Register process you can Put Your Ads Direct

In the Internet many free classified ad site but there has a problem in the problem is for Putting and Publishing ads there we  have to Register/Signup or Login
You Choose the Free Classified ads site but they ask for compelete the registerion process

So in  the internet you have to a better option without any rules and condition you can permote your site/blog or anything 

Innetads.comis best free classified ad site 

*The Question is How to you put the ads and permote your site
and get more traffic free ?

*How to put Ads in

1. First You have to know that some major and improtant  information about this

You have only upload one image and image also height is 800px and width is also 800 px and the size of image is 500kb
after that
you have a short decription on your site or post 

You have to submit yo need an Email and Phone Number

  • Open the Site and Click on 
       "Click Here to Post Ads"

or in the page Footer

Add caption

  • Add Title
    in the  you have to write and keyword that peopl are search in internet and the search engine shows your ad post.

and also Write and Description like Some Short inforamtion about your post or website and like you have an post on your site then in the post of your site Start some lines or heading you can put here with post link or website link

  • Add image
in Image section the Site also mentioned you can only upload one image and Formates also showned but image size is 500 kb or height 800px or width 800px.

  • Related Link/Url
in this section you can put your sites post Link that has to want to tarffic or website Link/url so any person whom watch the your ads is direct goes your post or website with this but in the description you can also put links/URL

  • Category 
in the section you can choose your ads type  like what is your ads its Travel website ads or Technical ads like Computer/Electronics 

  • Target 
You dont need to choose in this section because this section you choose anycity so your ads only shown on that cities
You don choose anything on this section
  • Target State
also dont need to choose

  • Add owner
in this section you can put your site name or your name

and type Phone no. and email and create Password remember every ads you can create an password and also remember it because without is you can not updates and modifey your ad

and Click on Submit

After is a new window have open that window have a Ad id like145056write down it and remeber it because without it you can not Update your ad

Here is Your Ad is Compelete 
and Your Get the More Traffic and Run your post free..

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

November 03, 2019

What Happen when we Delete the Temp folder into our PC ? (tmp file) what is tmp file

What Happen when we Delete the Temp folder into our PC
what is tmp file

When you view a webpage or Internet Website and any Application or Software in our Computer , Internet Explorer saves a temporary copy of that page and qureis or simplfy data or topics and basic detailes with hidden so that it can be displayed more quickly if you open it again later.

 The following topics can help you view and delete temporary files or re use re - login or signup on the platfrom , and change the amount of disk space that these files use on your computer. 

If you want to save a permanent copy of one of the files in your Temporary Internet Files folder, copy it to another folder. To copy a file while you're viewing temporary files, right-click the file, click Copy, and then paste the file into another folder.

 Temp File Is a Temporery file the used by App Data and computer system for auto filling and saving pervious detiles that you used This is have our some few and optical aur optional detailes in our computer in C drive System function Folder that is called app data with Sub folder called TEMP When we used some service’s like we book a cab’s service online then we need’s to provide our location on the submit our location in onetime after compeleted submission our Computer have saved data that we provide websites into Computer system inside Temp Your local drive saved it only few time temporey The File Doesn’t have big size data it’s have very small size data in text format or more and many type’s files its have indie Its have cache files and some backup files and also have cookie 

Ex: when we Run Microsoft Office in our pc and write and save a document then in any directory or folder or drive but TEMP is also have a some folder that we saved but not have file its have local knowledge and running time and what we do in the 

MS- OFFiCE into whole time when we plug our smartphone into our pc through Usb Cable and run any file such music and image or video direct control to Computer first its have to compy into the pc system For Running the smmartphone data or any file its have to inside the our system that way we control or play and run any file by our mouse to smartphone directory its copy into the system folder The location of the copy and running data is ADMIN or DESKTOP ADMINISTRATION Folder Called APPData and its subfolder is TEMP . 

So that is temp inside the computer Its Have Data Cookies Kept in memory so pages work correctly, but cleared when you close the browser. Temporary Internet Files Stored on disk so pages work correctly, but deleted when you close the browser. Webpage history This information is not stored. Form data and passwords This information is not stored. Anti-phishing cache Temporary information is encrypted and stored so pages work correctly. Address bar and search AutoComplete This information is not stored.

Automatic Crash Restore
 (ACR) ACR can restore a tab when it crashes in a session, but if the whole window crashes, data is deleted and the window cannot be restored. Document Object Model (DOM) storage

Sunday, October 27, 2019

October 27, 2019

How to Celebrate Diwali Indian Festive Version कैसे मनाएं दिवाली इंडियन फेस्टिव वर्जन

How to Celebrate Diwali Indian Festive Version

कैसे मनाएं दिवाली इंडियन फेस्टिव वर्जन

  • Don't Use Series or Led Lights Used the Diya or Deepak like old 
सीरीज़ या एलईडी लाइट्स का उपयोग न करें, पुराने की तरह दीया या दीपक का उपयोग करें

  • Celebrate Diwali green for our nature and every living being not only human 
  • make delisious Foods annd Sweet at Home 
  • Serve first God and Wworship then Eat and Divided with your freinds and neighbor
  • helps Beggers and Homeless persons and Lives

  • दिवाली को हरे रंग में मनाएं, जो हमारे प्रकृति और हर जीव के लिए न केवल मानवीय हो
  • घर पर स्वादिष्ट खाद्य पदार्थ और मीठा बनाएं
  • पहले भगवान और पूजा करें और फिर अपने फ्राइंड्स और पड़ोसी के साथ भोजन करें
  • भिखारियों और बेघरों और व्यक्तियों की मदद करता है

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October 27, 2019

Who was Invented the First Personal Computer

Did you know? Who was the First Personal Computer

Macintosh is a  type of name personal computer this is the first personal computer used by every user and person

Macintosh have a Desktop Screen ,Moniter,Keyboard and a Mouse and a CPU with Floppy Drive every Person is used this very simply this compute mac's series first Computer and its designed by and Manfucture by Apple.Inc This is the Revoutionry and innovative  of computer hardware world.

 Apple provided this computer for every middle and local class person that time this very useful and effect on the market after this product launch interie computer world has Changed

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Friday, October 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Top Indian Smartphone & Mobile Manufacturer Company India

Top Indian Smartphone & Mobile Manufacturer Company India

  1. Micromax (MI)

Micromax is the leading mobile made company of india is the best low Budget Mobile  in India 

  • Intex

Intex is also good smartphone company its also made low budget bar Phone 

  • Lava

Lava is made best Smartphone in india and give a Good Service

  • YU Ace

Yu ace is Brand new smartphone Company in India this is Fully Indian Company made Smartphone with good Features for India Market
  • Zen

  •                Spice

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October 15, 2019

Download Free Hd Full MOVie HOllywood&Bollywood&South

Download Full MOvie Free In HD Quality on these Sites

  1. www,

Font Awesome 5 Icons

fab fa-whatsapp-square

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May 14, 2019

Best Website of Free movie Downloading

Best Website of Free movie Downloading

Download New  relased Movie full hd Free of this sites in low size

Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 11, 2019

How to Earn Money online at home witth pc/Smartphone

How to Earn Money  online at home with pc/Smartphone

Some Improtant Earning Options Online
Copu&paste,Transccript,MicroTask,captions,Ads,websiites surfings,Data Entry,URL Shrink etc
ये वो कुउच online earning oopptions हे जिनसे आप  कुच पेसे कमा सकते हे



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